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Music by Carson Kievman
Libretto by Thomas Babe & Carson Kievman
©  1986 and 2015 All Rights Reserved

The drama of Tesla is that of a “clash of titans,” the rise and fall of a Serbo-Croation immigrant dreamer and his legendary battles with Thomas Edison. It has often been said that a true genius is never recognized in his lifetime: Nikola Tesla’s prophetic work framed the worlds portrayed in science fiction and also formed the foundation for modern-day wireless energy transfer, communications, laser beams, neon and fluorescent lighting, radio transmission, remote control and robotics. 

A true visionary, Tesla gave away a vast number of patents because they were fossil fuel-consuming, and went to work on the Tesla Coil which would connect humanity to the very wheelwork of nature and allow the extraction of free and non-polluting energy for all.  As a result he died a pauper, crushed by the greed and hunger for power of his contemporaries.

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Recorded from Audience during 2004
New York City Opera Vox Festival Workshop
John Yaffé, conductor

Parallel Worlds of Tesla & Edison (excerpt) - MP3

Vocal Quartet: Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, JP Morgan and George Westinghouse (2 pianos replace the orchestra for this workshop)

Tesla Reflecting Song (end of Parallel Worlds scene) - MP3

Spoken comments from 2004
New York City Opera Vox Festival

Libretto (pdf)
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p/v score file (see pdf below):

Parallel Worlds - Split Lab (Scene 5)




Example of Carson Kievman's music fully realized with orchestra & chorus:
Symphony No. 2(42) - Resurrection (excerpt from 4th Movement)

Commissioned by the Florida Philharmonic Orchestra for the 200th anniversary of Mozart’s death
Polish National Radio Symphony Katowice / Polish Radio Choir of Krakow
New Albion Records (1996)
Sym2 Cover


Carson Kievman
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